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First Taste C.B. Ryder

First Taste

C.B. Ryder

Published February 3rd 2012
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 About the Book 

First TasteAn erotic short story.SampleI drove through the toll gate into the airport- she was due to arrive in thirty minutes. The moment had been planned for months. My anticipation was palatable. We had toyed with ideas of what we were going to do with the first taste, that first sampling. I wasnt sure how long I was going to be able to wait. To prolong this state, to deny myself further. As I pulled the SUV into the parking garage, I looked for the perfect spot. Out of the way, but I needed light, I had to see. I wound my way through the lot until I found it, a corner spot, with a half wall on one side letting in the natural light. I backed into the spot. Got out and checked. Looking around, it was secluded, not completely though but that was a small risk to take.Pacing back and forth at around the terminal until my phone vibrated from her text message, she had landed. The minutes it took for her to finally exited out to the baggage claim only served to heighten my anticipation. Then she was there and her loft lips met mine with a passion I only knew with her, her arms wrapped around me and mine around her. I turned her back into the wall so I could ...